DeepL Network

What is DeepL Network

A cryptocurrency system that overcomes the scalability and privacy limitations of previous systems such as Ethereum, while still enabling the functionality of smart contracts. DeepL Network, similar to Ethereum, enables individuals to generate smart contracts by coding to define the actions of the virtual machine (VM) that carries out the contract's operations. The objective of DeepL Network is to tackle concerns related to scalability and ease of use, without compromising decentralization, and it takes advantage of the current community of developers and ecosystem. This solution aims to enhance scalability and offer improved user experience for DApps and user features on existing platforms, through an off-chain or external approach.

What is DeepL Chain?

The DeepL Chain introduces EVM-compatible functionality and enables seamless communication between different chains by implementing a unique consensus mechanism called Proof of Authority (PoA).

How DeepL Chain operates? Which architecture and consensus mechanism are being used?

The functioning of DeepL Chain depends on a consensus system called Proof of Authority (PoA), which enables it to have a shorter block time and reduced fees. The number of validators on the DeepL Chain testnet will be reduced.

Can you tell more about Proof of Authority(PoA)? What is it?

Blocks are generated by a restricted group of validators, who are chosen and replaced through a governance system that relies on staking. Validators rotate to generate blocks in a Proof of Authority (PoA) manner.

What are the benefits for developers to build on DeepL Chain?

DeepL Chain is compatible with EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) and is capable of utilizing all the current Ethereum tools. It offers fast block time and reduced costs. DeepLSwap continues to serve as a liquid platform for exchanging and communicating assets across different blockchains on DeepLChain, allowing native cross-chain transfers.

What are the benefits for developers to build on DeepL Chain?

DeepL Chain opens the gate for users to take advantage of the fast transferring and trading.

What make DeepL Chain different?

Crucial Advances: Consensus mechanisms such as Proof-of-Authority Utilizing Bridge for Interoperability between Different Blockchain Networks Enhance the application scenarios for the utilization of the DeepL token.

DeepL Chain is EVM-compatible. What does that mean?

EVM means Ethereum Virtual Machine. Any smart-contract written to run in EVM can be easily ported to DeepL Chain.

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